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The Franklin Photo News started in December 1967 and ended in November 1973. Publication was monthly capturing the goings on throughout the Franklin area through the use of black and white photographic reproductions and descriptive text.

The magazines were eagerly anticipated each month when they were purchased originally for 25 cents and over time increasing to 45 cents per edition.

These days the magazines are more important than ever as they captured a representation of a social slice of life and cultural change in provincial New Zealand.

The Franklin Photo News was produced by Thorpe Studios from Pukekohe. Thorpe Studios roving photographers (Ivan McLellan, Barbara Watkin, Sarah Boling, Ian Robertson, Bernard Smith & Charles Joe) attended many functions, cabarets, parties, weddings and activities that were happening throughout the Franklin area, capturing a moment in time. The photographers took notes of the events and names of those photographed.

PRINTING - Logan Publishing Company - Gisborne
The photos and text were sent to Gisborne to be printed by the Logan Publishing Company. Assembling the Franklin Photo News was a manual task. Photos were posted onto large pieces of paper and the text was created using a typewriter and then pasted alongside the photos before being placed onto screens and then printed.

The Logan Publishing Company produced similar Photo News magazines which belonged to Mr Logan's franchise - Gisborne, Whangarei, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taranaki, Wanganui and Nelson. They also printed editions for Waikato and Thames-Paeroa-Matamata.

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